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Voicemail Access Problem


I have been without Voicemail for the better part of 8 hours now. When I dial *86, it goes into a "Message Management System". I called a Verizon CSR, and she told me just to do *228 and wait approx 1-2 hours. It has been 6, and still nothing. Have any of you experienced this? If so, is it a network issue, or a phone issue.



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Re: Voicemail Access Problem



It is possible Customer Service will have to go into your voicemail and reset your mailbox from their end.  I would call CS again and be sure to tell them you tried the over the air update by calling *228.  Hope they get it fixed for you.


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Re: Voicemail Access Problem

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Thank you StreetDocRN for posting some helpful suggestions.  It is very much appreciated.


MGrenn, if you are still having trouble accessing your voicemail, have you tried dialing your cell phone number directly instead of dialing *86 and SEND? 


Below is a link that provides more information on Voicemail that I think you will find very useful.


Mensajes de voz


Muchas gracias.






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