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Buzón de Voz Visual

I'm having problems with Visual Voicemail for my BlackBerry Storm.  I installed the update, version 1.19.6, and it locks up on the EULA page and won't let me enter my password or click on the OK button to accept the EULA.  I've unistalled and reinstalled with the same results.  ¿Alguna sugerencia?
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Re: Visual Voicemail

First let me say glad you got it fixed.   Next, unfortunately I've got to say "Welcome to the world of the Storm".    It indeed can be a very finicky device and as such has become a very controversial device.   You are either going to love it or hate it . . . and it won't take long for you to pick a side.    I finally unloaded mine.   I do hope you have better luck.    Sadly, you are going to find yourself doing battery pulls, resetting and reloading . . . often.    Then again, the phone will often shut itself down for ya.   I wish I had better news but I unfortunately I don't.    Welcome to the forum also :smileyhappy:
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Re: Visual Voicemail


I had the same problem on my Blackberry Storm, but fixed it by using the strategy below.  Prueba lo siguiente:


1) Go to your home screen.

2) Selecciona Options.

3) Select Advanced Options.

4) Select Applications.

5) Highlight Visual Voice Mail application.

6) Press the Blackberry button (second hard button from the left) to bring up the menu.

7) Select "Disable Compatibility Mode".

😎 Remove the battery from the device and wait at least 10 seconds.

9) Re-insert the battery into the device and restart.

10) Go to your home screen.

11) Select Visual Voice mail.

12) Accept the End User License Agreement as Prompted.

13) Enter your user name and PIN.

14) Select login.

15) Voila! Your Visual Voice Mail application should re-syncrhonize your messages automatically and begin working properly.  


Hope this helps next time! 

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