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Visual Voice Mail & Downloading Large Files


So I just got a Storm and have figured everything else out except a couple of things:


1) Is Visual Voice Mail included in my $30 BlackBerry Plan or do I have to pay per month to use it?


2)  When I downloaded a 1.9mb mp3 from my email inbox, the Storm advised me that there may be additional costs when downloading large files. Is this referring to data overage if I didn't have a Blackberry data plan (which I do)?

Message Edited by Zapatopi on 05-08-2009 02:37 p.m.
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Re: Visual Voice Mail & Downloading Large Files


I believe video messaging is included in the data plan (see the included features in the link below).    Yes, I also believe they are referring to the extra charges you might incur if you didn't have the data plan.




Message Edited by DarkCobra on 05-08-2009 04:17 p.m.
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Re: Visual Voice Mail & Downloading Large Files

Visual voicemail is not included in the data plan. I think it is around 5 dollars extra a month. And as darkcobra stated the data charge message you get doesn't apply to unlimited data plans
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