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Re: VZW (maybe even their customers) - Check it out

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I'm a loyal Apple guy...I've had their products dating back to my first Mac SE 8mhz 68000 processor.  My mom as a child, and myself as an adult, have dumped tons on money into Apple products.  I stuck with them when they're products completely sucked.  You really can't say "...Funny, one can remember everyone saying the same thing about Apple back when they were laying off, restructuring, closing buildings down, etc...People didn't realize what was good, back then..."  because back when that was happening...Apple did suck.  And this is coming from a guy who has NEVER purchased a PC and probably never will.  I've always had a Mac as a kid and still have and use them today.  But say that Apple got better because people started to believe in them...a little, yes...but Apple turned around a lot in part because Jobs returned and they started making better products.  And I'll even go on record saying that not everything Jobs touched turned to gold...can you say G4 Cube amongst a mountain of other crap products?

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