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VZW Today error message


I have a 2 week old Storm. I was browsing and I wanted to quickly check the weather and so I pressed "Home" to get me to my main page. But I got the following error:


Error encountered during XML parsing: Expecting ';'.


I don't know what it means or how to fix it. I looked it up on the internet and got nothing that could help. I looked at Blackberry's page but they didn't have much come up either.


Has anyone had this error before? How can I fix it? I can still get on the browser and it works fine. I could just change my home page, but this one is very convenient.



I have also had my Storm freeze up on me a couple times, but I am impatient so if I left it for a minute it probably would have started working again on it's own. I like it so far.

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Re: VZW Today error message


Ok, forget about Verizon's weather page and download the app from either their website or blackberry app world.  Very tidy app which allows you to check the weather at your zip code by simply pressing their icon on your homepage which in turn takes you to the mobile website.  Your cookies will allow you to return to your zipcode until you clear them.  Also, get "Quickpull Lite" for your phone and set it to reset your phone on a daily basis in the a.m. before you get up to curb some of the freezing and sluggishness.  Hope this helps.  Let us know.



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Re: VZW Today error message


I just started getting this same error yesterday.  I have QuickPull and it does help but does not solve this problem.  I wonder if the site is having a problem.

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