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Tour speed dial list


Love this forum.  Recently exchanged a Storm for the Tour.  Could not type or dial a phone # on the Storm as the keys were too small for me, and my fingers are not large.  I am trying to assign the speed dial letters with phone numbers, but can't use the A, Q, or W.  Does anyone know how to re-assign the functions to other letters?



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Re: Tour speed dial list


Hi, AmyJo,

Welcome to the forums.  The A, Q, and W buttons are already in use by default.  Press the Green button on your Tour as if you are placing a call.  That will bring up your Call Log.  Press the Menu key.  Scroll down to View Speed Dial List and press that.  You will see the A button will lock your phone.  The Q button changes your phone's profile to vibrate only profile.  The W key is your speed dial for your voice mail.  These buttons by default can not be changed.  However, you can use any ot the other keys for speed dial.  I hope this helps.


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