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Synchronizing bb with microsoft outlook


Each time i try to synchronize my curve 8830 with outlook i get error message 'unable to read application data'  Ive never done this before but even when i unistalled and reinstalled programs i get error message and i dont know where to get help, through verizon wireless, through or microsoft.. or maybe somebody here.

any help would be appreciated!


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Re: Synchronizing bb with microsoft outlook



You may not have set up the program correctly to sync.  I have created a how-to pdf file that explains how to setup Outlook or Outlook Express to sync with a Blackberry.  I hope it helps.  Let me know if you need more help.


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Re: Synchronizing bb with Microsoft outlook


What version of Microsoft Office are you using?  I had trouble syncing with my laptop and as it turns out the newer versions of BB Desktop Manager won't recognize Outlook 2000.  You need to purchase/load a newer version of Outlook.  Don't know if that is the issue, just a thought. :smileysad:  Fortunately I had Office 2009 that I bought for my desktop.  Once I loaded it on the laptop it synced without an issue.  I prefer the older version of Office, but you have do what you have to do.

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