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Setting up Email to other ISP for Verizon Blackberry Storm




I have a new Blackberry.  I have created a new 'verizon-blackberry' email, and have configured and connected to my gmail email account.


I am trying to setup one of my 1 and 1 email accounts.


I can't figure out what to use for the 'email server'      - the 1 and 1 servers don't work.  I've tried to figure out what Verizon wants.  I have tried       - I have looked for an imap or mail   server name to use.


Does anyone know what should be specified?  


It's a real pain, that everytime it fails, nothing you did, can be saved, and you have to 're-enter' everything, which takes forever..


is it   or   or   or 'other'?

thanks for any ideas

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