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Message in Inbox for Voicemail msg?!?


I recently switched to Verizon and got my 8130 after having an 8100 for several yrs. So I know the basic ins and outs pretty well.


But this both surprised and is irritating me. Everytime I get a voicemail I also get a text message in my inbox directing me to dial the *86 and telling me the importance of it. 


Thing is there is already an icon on the screen for the voicemail (this is just adding another and making more work) and I know who I missed the call from by my call log.


Now I not only call to check my voicemail msg, but I also have to go to my text message inbox and delete THAT msg for this particular call as well - otherwise it appears I still have an unread msg all day.  


So I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to change this, or it was an automatic setting from Verizon that we cannot prevent.  



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