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Re: I'm waiting on 5.0


No one that I know of has been waiting for the Tour 2 since November. The Tour 1 was only released in July last year. Expecting a successor phone 5 months later is utterly ridiculous. That's never gonna happen. There were strong rumors about it being released Valentine's Day ... or sometime in Feb or March ... lately it's been more like end of March/beginning of April. And that's 6 months later, still way way before I would ever expect a successor phone.


These are only rumors. It's not like Verizon Wireless announced it's release on a certain date and hasn't honored that date.


On the assumption that Verizon did intend to release the Tour 2 in Feb and has had issues with the software (as is the rumor), I'm fine with the delay. I'd rather have a phone that works.

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