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Help. lifeless device.


my phone (storm2 9550) screen has been flikering the past few days then it stopped, but now it wont turn on at all. nothing works- i did a battery pull. i plugged it into my computer and it recognizes it and says i need an update but halfway through the process it stops at "reconnecting to JVM" and tells me to reconnect it, i dont disconnect it at any point.

any suggestions on what i should do?

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Re: Help. lifeless device.

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If the problem is not with your display, you may have to reload your operating system. Here's a tutorial: Read it carefully before starting.
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Re: Help. lifeless device.

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Thanks for your response SydneyK. I would like to provide additional information. For troubleshooting help with the JVM error on your Blackberry, please visit this link:







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