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Facebook app on my BB Tour


I just got my new Tour (^_^) and I had a question about the Facebook app.  I can't seem to find an answer either on Facebook or


My question is - is there anyway to limit whose statuses, etc. we see in the newsfeed on the app? Because, frankly, I have people as friends that I don't necessarily want to see everything they do, and they outnumber the people that I want to see. I have friend lists set up in Facebook itself. It'd be really nice to have that option on the BB version.


Thanks for any info!

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Re: Facebook app on my BB Tour



It's aggravating when you post a message reply to someone's post on Facebook, you then recieve everyone on Earth's message to that thread after that.  I hate that and that is a known quirck they Facebook folks know about.  Hopefully it will be fixed.


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