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Can't add Outlook e-mail to BIS

I have a new Blackberry BIS account and have been unable to add an OWA e-mail account to the service despite trying for four days.  I've reviewed the setup with my corporate IT folks and they see nothing wrong.  I've contacted Verizon support who was very helpful and tried multiple times to setup the account themselves and they were unsuccessful as well.  I'm running out of ideas and patience.  A couple of weird things I've noticed:  When I enter the URL as https:// . . .  BIS returns and error message saying it can't connect to the site.  When I remove the 'https://' the error message changes to "An error occurred during email validation."  On the OWA side, I've noticed when I hover over the mailbox to get the mail box name, the URL at the bottom displays as ".../owa/#".  No mailbox name appears between the '/owa/' and the '#'


I used Activesync products with this e-mail account for years with no problem.  I like the new Storm but if I can't even pull my email, then maybe it's time to consider another phone.   Any last ditch ideas?

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