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Bluetooth Connection Failed


I have a Storm 2 and a Curve and can not get the Bluetooth Connection to work to transfer files from one to the other. I have tried everything, Unchecked hands free, saved restarted. Everytime I try to transfer I get Connection to Blackberry 9550/8330 failed. Can anybody please help?:smileymad:

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Re: Bluetooth Connection Failed


It would depend on what type of files you want to transfer between phones. Is it Media files like videos, pictures, or ringtones? Are the phones activated? I "assume" both phones are "paired," on the 9550, in media, click menu> receive from Bluetooth, when sending media from 8330. I don't know how 8330's Bluetooth is setup. This is how my Storm1 9530 is setup for Bluetooth.:smileywink:

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