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Blackberry storm-1 roaming issues.



I currently live outside of a network area and I am almost always on an "extended network". Until yesterday everything was working just fine however now I am unable to recieve calls or text messages... yet I can make calls and send text messages just fine.


If I drive 2 hours to the nearest verizon wireless hub all my services resume.. but once I head home ..... its back to the same (E.g. I drove to the verizon store yesterday trying to get this fixed).


I noticed something else... Normally I have (1EV) in the signal box, and now all I have is (1X).. which means I am not connected to the data plan.. but why? why now? Why when I waste two hours driving to the nearest store does it start working again on its own ?


I have tried doing a battery pull, and reconfirming the network using the advanced options, but I am at a loss here and I really would like to avoid going to the store again because its 4 hours in the car + gas round trip.


Many thanks.

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Re: Blackberry storm-1 roaming issues.
Sr. Member

Have you tried OTA (Over The Air) programming? Dial *228 option 2 to update your roaming capabilities.

Re: Blackberry storm-1 roaming issues.

I like to do both Option 1 and Option 2.  Been doing it for years, and found it really helps to make sure that all the settings are right and that the PRL is updated.