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Blackberry re-registering, re-alerting with 7 year old emails.


9650 - upgraded to OS6


Everytime I get off the subway, the phone RE-REGISTERS as a new account.


Sporadically, I receive Yahoo emails from more than 5 years ago as NEW EMAILS


Sporadically, the phone removes itself from the Verizon Network, and shows NO NETWORK.


Sporadically, the phone SHUTS OFF and RESTARTS.


None of this began to happen UNTIL I downloaded the OS upgrade.  This is NOT a hardware issue.  This OS is geared to be usable by touch screen phones (not a 9650), and it is almost like someone just got lazy.




I know that with the i-Phone launch, Verizon is giving bandwidth priority to those moronic Apple bandwidth hogs, and I understand that RIM might be on the low end of the totem pole, but I am not paying $100 a month to get this kind of software service in a major city....


I'd like to hear from someone who can IDENTIFY and SOLVE the problem, because every answer I have gotten from Verizon techs has been carefully scripted to avoid liability instead of ACTUALLY SOLVING THE PROBLEM.  I don't blame the techs, either.  I blame a management culture that focuses on denial of the existence of problems that might require extra finances and extra work time to fix.



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Re: Blackberry re-registering, re-alerting with 7 year old emails.

Empleado de Verizon

I am sorry your experiencing issues with your email. In some instances, when you are having issues with email on your Blackberry, following the steps provided below may resolve the issue right away:


- Press the Menu button, and choose the Manage Connections icon, turn all connections off for 1 minute, turn all connections on. 


- Press Menu button, and choose Options icon, select Advanced Options, Select Host routing Table, press Menu button, select Register Now              


- Power the Blackberry off and remove the battery for 1 minute, then replace the battery and power the device on. 


If you continue to experiencing this issue with your blackberry, please send me a private message with your contact number and we can discuss this issue in more detail.



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Re: Blackberry re-registering, re-alerting with 7 year old emails.


I've been having the same problems with my Tour...everything but the re-registering. I never got the OS 6 upgrade though. The battery thing never works for me and no one with Verizon cares to help. I'm so over it. I hope you get/got everything worked out.

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Re: Blackberry re-registering, re-alerting with 7 year old emails.


I have the same issue with my Bold and I can't WAIT to get rid of it! ¡Buena suerte!

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