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Blackberry Bold 9650 Recent Issues


I woke up this morning to find many of the pre-installed applications deleted. I had tried to delete them when I first got the phone, but was told that they weren't really delete-able, but I could hide them. Today I see a lot of icons missing, even in folders, and I'm confused. Last night, my phone had a red "SOS" message where there would usually be signal bars (and I was in my house like I am every other night and have never had this problem with any phone). It didn't go away until I did a soft reset this morning, and then I noticed the missing apps. Can someone help me figure out what happened? There were 2 or 3 pre-installed apps I would've liked to hold on to, but I don't like waking up to this little "surprise" deletion.





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Re: Blackberry Bold 9650 Recent Issues


Not a problem You will also lose preloaded aps when upgrading Blackberry devices and getting the major software upgrade for the device.

Open your desktop manager and connect the device.

Go to application manager, this will show you all of the applications and allow you to check or uncheck what you want on the device. Very fast and easy.

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