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Blackberry 9330 won't text one single number


I have a Blackberry 9330 which is nothing special but it has given me a lot of problems.

Last night I was texting my boyfriend until I went to bed around 2:30. I then woke up around 9:00am and suddenly every text message I tried to send to my boyfriend who I was just texting hours before has a red "x" in the corner and has an error message saying "(SMS error 98, Message ID xx) Permanent Error"
The xx is because the number changes depending on how many times I try to text him. 

This is the only number I cannot text. He is not on verizon and his company he uses says his phone is not blocking my number. I can call him, he can call me and text me, I just cannot text him. 

I then did some looking and calling and did the following steps:

1. Manually forced restart by taking the battery out
2. Delete the previous conversation I had with him
3. Delete conversation and turn off the phone

4. Check to see if his number is a 10 digit number (it was)
5. Tried an 11 digit number and then changed it back

6. Deleted him from my phone and manually texted him

7. Updated my roaming by suggestion of the verizon customer service.

Nothing has worked and I am sick of waiting on hold while I try to call for the 5th time for customer service. Any advice?

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Re: Blackberry 9330 won't text one single number

No corresponde

Good Afternoon Shanz,

I know it must be frustrating when you are unable to communicate with loved ones via text message. Considering your difficulties are with one specific number on another carrier, it would be helpful if your boyfriend contacts his carrier for troubleshooting. I understand he isn't blocking your number; however, the problem can still be carrier or network related.

Additionally, we would need more information about your account to troubleshoot on our end. Please DM us with your account information.




Asistencia de VZW

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Re: Blackberry 9330 won't text one single number

Empleado de Verizon

Hello Shanz,

I know text messaging is important and this error message can be very frustrating! I am here to help. I have provided some information to help you resolve this error message, for details click aquí.

Let me know if this helps.



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