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BBM issues with another carrier


I have a new Bold and have issues with BBMs from a Sprint user with the same phone and OS. Mine going to him seem to go through fine, although some a little slow, but half of the ones he sends me never go through. Any ideas why?

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Re: BBM issues with another carrier

Not sure, but Blackberry Messenger messages actually go through RIM's servers. It just might be heavy traffic on the BBM servers.
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Re: BBM issues with another carrier

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Are you still having this issue with your BBM's? Does the Sprint user get a check showing the message was sent? I would suggest doing a battery pull on both devices. You can also register the devices by going to Options>Device>Advanced System Settings>Host Routing Table>On the first line, press the Blackberry Menu key and choose Register Now. If you are still having any problems let us know. 

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