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8330 Silver Email Issue


I hope someone out here can help.  We just installed BBES and did that through the enterprise activation choice in the advanced options.  My Tour now has a icon Named Desktop which has my email from the BES Server.  I also have an inbox settings choice in the Options menu.  The users on our network that have 8330's do not have either of these.  Is there something I can have them do?  Also, is there somewhere I can download for them the codex to listen to our forwarded voicemails from our phone system.  By default my Tour can play these?  Any help would be really appreciated.




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Re: 8330 Silver Email Issue



It sounds like the 8330 devices are not set up for the BES yet.  Those folders and icons should appear on the 8330 after they are activated on the BES.  As far as the voice mail, most VM files are usually output as .wav files.  You did not specify which yours outputs as, but it is probably .wav.  The 8330 should recieve the capability to listen to the .wav files after they have been activated on the BES, as long as it is BES 4.2 or later.  Hope this helps.