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HELP! Cannot get my email on my Blackberry Curve 9330


My email is hosted here at work on a microsoft exchange server. I cannot get the phone to access my email. My IT guy says all the info is input into the phone correctly, technical support at Verizon said i needed to upgrade to a corporate account or buy a zillion dollar blackberry server for here at the company, and the guy at the mall said to log on to "". I've done everything but buy a new server. Can Blackberry receive emails from a microsoft exchange server???


Re: HELP! Cannot get my email on my Blackberry Curve 9330


The BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) software provides a secure two-way link between the BlackBerry handheld and corporate data by providing standard HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) connectivity to corporate applications, Internet, and Intranet services.   This service is needed for corporate email access.  You would need to have the feature provisioned on your line or you would not  be able to access corporate email accounts.  

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and 2007 allow wireless devices, such as browser-enabled cell phones, Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Smartphones, and third-party clients (such as VersaMail for Palm OS), to access corporate Exchange Server information.