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Blackberry Tour sounds


Seems like everyone has sound issues with this phone.  I just bought a ringtone off Verizon's site and even though I have message alerts set up as other tones, it plays the song for EVERYTHING!  It'll do the proper beep or whatever for the alert and then it's followed by the song I just downloaded.  If I go into Set Ringtones/Alerts, the song is not listed for message alerts yet it still plays it.  This is rather annoying as I get emails/IMs/texts often.  I only want the song to play for phone calls.  Anyone else having this problem?  And on top of it, I was thinking I would just delete it as a ringtone for now, and it won't even delete.  And I even tried to just switch back to a normal ringtone and it's STILL playing the song!!!! 

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