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dropped calls what do i do?


I have the Samsung IntensityII and it keeps dropping calls I have reprogrammed it and Im not sure if its because the power went out earlier where I live In ontario,,California

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Re: dropped calls what do i do?

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Hi delina95. I hope you're no longer experiencing trouble with your dropped calls. I checked the Ontario, CA area and don't show any reports of increased dropped calls for the area. Dialing *228 and chosing option 2 to update your phone once a month is a great start, but may not resolve trouble like dropped calls. Was your phone plugged in when the power went out? It's possible a surge may have caused the phone to malfunction. Are you experiencing dropped calls when you leave the Ontario area? Do the calls tend to drop with one particular person? I'll be looking forward to your reply.

Muchas gracias

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