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teléfono básico


would like to give up the Droid and go back to non smart basic. can I keep my phone # and contacts, have texting and what is the basic price plan

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Re: basic phone


Prepaid or postpaid account? One line or more on the account?

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Re: basic phone

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Simplemente lo básico, solo para ti.

Presentamos el plan para un teléfono básico, el nuevo plan de línea individual que conecta tu teléfono básico a la red wireless más confiable del país.

Unlimited Talk & Text, plus 500MB of data for $30/mo. Más impuestos y cargos. No cuentes más los minutos. Todo a un precio increíble.

Also don't forget to factor in the cost of new phone

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Re: basic phone

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Knowing your phone and plan options is important. We want you to enjoy your device. Here's a link with details on our Basic plan options: teléfono básico


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