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Transferring pics from Samsung Intensity to LG Octane


We just replaced my daughter's Samsung Intensity with the Octane.  She has alot of pics stored on her SD memory card.  Will this card work in the Octane?  If not, I assume we need to purchase a NEW memory card for the Octane but how do we transfer the pics?  She tried popping the card out of the Intensity and putting it into the Octane but it recieves a read error.  I am hoping to not have to purchase a new card.  Thanks for any assistance.

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Re: Transferring pics from Samsung Intensity to LG Octane

Líder Sénior
You can use the same card, but you will have to do a bit of "techie" stuff first...

1) With the card in the Intensity, or in a card reader, link it up via USB to your computer and copy all the pictures to your computer. The pix will be in a folder labeled My_Pix or My_Pictures or something similar.

2) Once the pictures are safely stored on your computer, you can put the card into the Octane, and FORMAT the card for the Octane. This will erase everything on the card (which is why you copy everything to your computer FIRST!)

3) Now that the card is formatted for the Octane, you can copy the pix back to the card into the proper folders that were created during the format in the Octane. Or leave them on the computer and start fresh with the Octane. Depende de ti.

You can also get a new card for the Octane and avoid all the copying; again, that's up to you. Cards are inexpensive (less than $10 with an adapter to use in your computer).

Re: Transferring pics from Samsung Intensity to LG Octane

Sr. Member

What SuzyQ posted is, what seemed to me, to be the method preferred by the phone manufacturers.


But I was a little surprised that LG offers an another option that doesn't involve formatting the memory card in the new phone; scroll down to the bottom of this link:



That would work in the short term; but for a long term solution I think what SuzyQ posted would work best as the safest route to take.