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¿La actualización del Samsung Brightside Sapphire quitó el tema azul?


The reason I got the Samsung Brightside Sapphire version was for the blue thing, I loved it! But I updated it today and it removed the option for a blue thing, and replaced it with an ugly orange, or an ugly green (like in the original Samsung Brightside phones). How do I fix this, or downgrade an update?

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Re: Samsung Brightside Sapphire update removed blue theme?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hola Michael375,

I understand your concerns regarding the changes made to your phone with the recent software update. Software updates are developed by the manufacturer and are always intended to improve the performance of the device. It is normal for software updates to correct issues with the previous version, to add features that previous version did not support and it is also normal to change the appearance of the phones operating process. Lamentably, there is no way to downgrade your software version, I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

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