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Kyocera won't work


Out of the blue, my husband's phone is not working.  Cannot call out, cannot call in.  Says no service, but the other phone works.  When I open it, the phone starts talking.  It sometimes says mute at the bottom.  I've gone to settings and phone settings and checked everything.  If I want to get off Menu to go go Message or Contacts, pressing the usual button doesn't take me anywhere.  The battery is draining too quickly.  I've turned it off and on.  Verizon doesn't answer their phone.  I've gone through the troubleshooting thing that is online.  I have no idea what to do because the phone is badly needed for health reasons for a person who is 90 years of age.

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Re: Kyocera won't work

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Try booting it to safe mode. Turn it off, hold the power button to turn it on, and once the Android logo appears, hole the volume down button until it says Safe Mode on the bottom-left. If it works properly in Safe Mode, let me know and we can try a few things to get it working normally again.


If you're getting the same problem in Safe Mode, or if it won't boot to Safe Mode, then you may need to try a Factory Reset. That will erase whatever's on the phone, but may get it working again. For that, power it off, then hold the Home button, volume down, and the power button together until the Android logo, then let go of them, and when the recovery screen come sup, use the volume buttons to scroll to the factory reset option, and select it by pressing the power button.


If that doesn't work, or the problems are still happenign afterwards, then you probably have a hardware problem and will need to replace the phone.