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HELP! My LG Cosmos Touch won't erase ANY text messages!


Help, please!

I really don't want to make a trip to my local verizon store (40 minutes away) to get an answer to this problem.


My phone will not erase ANY of my text messages and my inbox is full.  

I  hit the "erase all messages" button and it does nothing. 

I hit the "erase messages" button, and just try one contact at a time, and it does nothing.

I try ot erase messages one at a time, and it does nothing. 


I have turned it off and back on again, I have done battery pulls, I have tried everything I can think of, including getting the software update. NOTHING WORKS.


Since getting this phone in the spring, I have had MANY problems. This is the first time this has happened. 

I can deal with the:

-freezing and having to do a battery pull

-random turning on and off

-charges that only last 4 hours

-llamadas desconectadas

-not sending text messages


I've called and visited Verizon twice now about this phone and I would really like an answer rather than me bringing my phone to them and them telling me everything is just fine....because it's not.  


Beyond annoyed.

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Re: HELP! My LG Cosmos Touch won't erase ANY text messages!

Verizon Employee

Hey kkelder24! I see that you're experiencing messaging issues on your Cosmos Touch. It is possible that the messages in your inbox are locked, which would prevent them from being deleted. To confirm that any message you want to delete is unlocked, review the icons next to each message. A padlock icon indicates locked. If the messages are not locked, follow these steps to erase one or all messages:


1. Unlock the touch screen by dragging to the right or press the Unlock Key on the right side of your phone and touch the Menu Quick Key.


2. Touch Messaging .


3. Touch Erase Options. The options available are: Erase Sent, Erase Received, Erase Drafts, or Erase All. 


If this still doesn't do the trick, let me know and I'll assist you by phone!


Re: HELP! My LG Cosmos Touch won't erase ANY text messages!


I've had the SAME problem.

I normally leave my messages in my inbox until it starts saying it's 80% full, then I'll wait a bit and delete them. This time I let it get to 87% full and tried to delete them, and it said they were deleted, but they were all there. My phone will not let me delete the 291 messages I have in my inbox, but it will with anything above that, until it hits the 300 maximum. So basically, my inbox has a nine message maximum because those 291 messages are "deleted". I have no idea how to fix this. Let me know if you figure it out.