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Don't have internet connect, have bars but can't make calls - help?!


I have the Samsung SCH-I110 Illusion on a prepaid plan. On Tuesday, I lost all data capabilities for about 5 hours. I had 4 bars and couldn't make or receive calls. Finally, the 3G came up and everything started working again. While it was down, I tried re-starting, powering off and leaving off for 10 min, then turning back on and everything else I could think of. I was in multiple places, driving around for a good portion of this, and had access to towers. Today the same thing happened. I can't get data back no matter what I try. I can't make or receive phone calls, which is very worrisome, as I have a child with health issues who needs to be in touch with me.

Does anyone have any ideas on what is causing this or what I can do to make it stop? I'm very frustrated and the lack of service is not acceptable.


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