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Can I download pictures from my phone to my computer?

Alison1966 asked Verizon Wireless:

Q: Can I download pictures from my phone to my computer?

A: Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, there are several ways to transfer pictures from your Verizon Extravert™ 2, Model # VN280 to your computer.

1. Plug the phone into the computer with the USB cable.

2. On the "Tools" menu of your phone, select "USB Mass Storage"

3. Your phone will now show up as a flash device on your computer where you can move files in and out using drag and drop or copy and paste.

4. Your phone will also show up in "Windows Media Player" as a sync device.

Or you can simply activate Bluetooth on your phone and the computer, pair them and then transfer the files. You can also transfer the files using the memory card in your phone, save all the files you want to transfer in the memory card, put the memory card in the computer and transfer the files...^IFV

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