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SURF web, TEXT, & TALK all at the same time?????

Can any of the iphones talk & surf the web at the same time when NOT on Wifi? particularly the 6+?

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Re: SURF web, TEXT, & TALK all at the same time?????
Líder Sénior

Yes, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can surf, talk, text all at the same time on Verizon, as long as you have Advanced Calling 1.0 on your account, LTE set to Voice + Data, and you are in an LTE area.

With Verizon, since LTE is pretty much everywhere now, that is essentially saying you just need Advanced Calling turned on and the LTE set to Voice and Data on the phone. I have been using the 6 Plus with surf, talk, text together since the phone came out last fall.