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Can I change a line to an eSim?


I have two phones (long story), and was wondering if I could change one to an eSim (in theory two phone numbers on one phone).

Do eSims work like that?

If so, is it possible?

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Re: Can I change a line to an eSim?

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Community Manager



Awesome question. Being able to carry one phone instead of two would certainly be nice. That is actually one of the main uses for an eSIM. One number can potentially be on the eSIM while the other can be on the regular SIM. We're glad to help find out if this would work for you. What phone do you have? Are both of these numbers through Verizon?


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Re: Can I change a line to an eSim?

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Yes, you can do this now with Verizon Wireless. If both numbers are on the same account it is easy. Contact Customer Service and request to change whichever line you'd like to the Digital IMEI in your iPhone XS, XS Max or XR. Just helped a friend with this. If they are on different accounts you must have access to the account your requesting to make a change.

Settings > General > About  > Digital SIM IMEI is what Verizon will need to make the change. Upon entering this, their system will auto generate a digital SIM. They will email you a QR code you will need to scan via Settings > Cellular > Add Cellular Plan. Make sure your on iOS 12.1.2 or later.

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