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Apple Watch Plan Price Reduction


I recently purchased an Apple Watch Series 3, and the price for monthly connectivity is $10 a month. I for one think for the amount of times I would be without my phone that price is way too high. After my free 3 months, I will cancel. If the price was $5 a month I could see the benefit of having it permanently added, but for $10 a month, to me at least there just isn't enough bang for the buck. Does anyone else feel the same way?

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Re: Apple Watch Plan Price Reduction


Me too! I bought a Apple watch with cell but I am not going to connect.

not worth $10 a month / $120 year plus tax for the Very few time I would be out wearing a watch but not carrying a cell phone.

bad business decisions,  get a lower revenue from a lot of people or $10 from a few.

now that my iPhone is not locked I can move to ATT Pay the $10 bucks for a watch and still save on my monthly Verizon bill.

Verizon has been good to me for the past 15 years but I can’t buy a burger with loyalty and I can with the savings I get by switching.

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