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Activating eSIM or Changing from Physical SIM to eSim (XS, XS Max & XR)

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I helped a friend activate eSIM with Verizon Wireless so I thought I'd make a post to help others out and possibly clear up any confusion. His example was combining 2 numbers into 1 phone. This is also the process if you want to change from a physical SIM to an eSIM to free up your physical SIM slot to be used with an international carrier, etc.

  • Verizon Wireless began supporting eSIM activations around iOS 12.1.1 rollout early December
  • To change from physical SIM to eSIM simply contact Verizon Wireless via call or chat
  • Let the representative know you want to perform a change from physical to eSIM
    • Provide rep with Digital SIM IMEI via Settings > General > About
      • Note: must use Digital SIM IMEI (exactly how it is labeled in the iPhone)
    • At this point Verizon Wireless' system will generate an electronic ICCID (SIM number)
    • Verizon Wireless will then request an email address to send a QR code to
      • You MUST scan the QR code to finalize the change. e.g. use your iPhone to scan the code via your email on a computer or tablet
    • To scan the QR code, on your iPhone go to Settings > Cellular > Add Cellular Plan
      • Once the QR code is scanned, the change will complete
  • If your not a Verizon Wireless user and want to activate a line of service on eSIM you can do so by downloading My Verizon app (so I'm told)
    • Follow the instructions there to process your own activation

Good luck.

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Re: Activating eSIM or Changing from Physical SIM to eSim (XS, XS Max & XR)


One important caveat is this: if you plan to travel internationally and get a SIM for the local area you're traveling to, activate your eSIM BEFORE you go.  You can not activate  any Verizon service outside the USA.  

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Re: Activating eSIM or Changing from Physical SIM to eSim (XS, XS Max & XR)


I just talked to Verizon and as long as Verizon is the primary provider, they cannot change to eSim.  I wanted to try another provider's service and compare side to side.  I guess I am out of luck.

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