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My phone is switching from 3G to 1x and cannot send any text messages. Not sure why? I have an I Phone X XR

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Re: 3G

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  Hi DAVBOU62, most always I'll receive a Verizon LTE indication in the upper left corner of the iPhone. When at the gym I go to. I'll receive a 3g, 1x, but most of the times a no service signal. That is because it's a large steel/metal constructed building. So that's understandable being in that location where I'm not going to receive a good strong connection. Are you perhaps in a similar situation, and if not, in the vicinity of an electrical component that may be causing an interference? When changing locations does your signal strength improve?

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Re: 3G

Community Manager
Community Manager

DAVBOU62, with such an amazing phone we always want you enjoying your services. Let's work to get to the bottom of what is causing this change. Do you recall adding any new apps, games or software recently? Does this happen at a specific location? If so, please provide the nearest cross streets and city. Would you happen to know if others in this area are experiencing this?

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