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text message retrieval on the web



I have an enlighten.  i cant view my screen, is there a way to forward or retrieve text messages I havent yet opened on the web? 

or forward any new messages to the web?

help please


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Re: text message retrieval on the web


no there is not.  If your phone screen is just blank but the device is actually on then your text are coming through you just cant see them.  If it is VITAL that you get text messages best option would be to turn your phone off until you get it replaced or get a different phone to put on your line s the text that did not come through when your phone was off will come through once another device is placed on your line.

Re: text message retrieval on the web

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She Dropped the Phone in the Water Sen_droid.. there is a post already on Here about this

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Re: text message retrieval on the web


I think sen_droid has the best answer here, turn the device off (pull the battery if needed) so they stay in the system until some sort of replacement can be activated.  There is a way to send messages through the web via Verizon's website, but I don't know how that works with retrieving them.

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Re: text message retrieval on the web

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hola sfoody123,

Thanks to the community for your input! To piggy-back off of your posts, I would like to add that messages are held in the system for up to 5 days. If they are not delivered to the handset in that amount of time, they will not be delivered. So, if you turned your phone off and it has been more than 5 days, some messages may not come through, depending on when they were sent.

I'd like to ask if you have been able to place a different device on this line yet? Have you gotten the messages sent to you? I'm hoping that you have. I think the additional information about the time frame in which they can be received may be helpful for you.

Another post mentions that your phone has liquid damage. Do you have insurance on the device? If so, you are able to file a claim at or by calling 888-881-2622, to speak with the insurance company directly, to get a replacement. You can also check your My Verizon account for your eligibility date to get a new phone. Because you are able to transfer an upgrade from line to line, I would also recommend checking any and all other lines on your account, in case any of them are eligible for an equipment discount. When using a VZW phone, just call #UPG and send to check eligibility.

If none of your lines are eligible and you do not have insurance, you have the option to use a phone from a friend or family member, or one purchased from a third party, as long as the device is compatible with the VZW network.

Thanks very much,

Christina B
Asistencia de VZW
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