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new to verizon and very frustrated


This phone will not shut up.. I want it to make noise when I get texts and when I get calls...I had to buy a brand new s4. Which is dumb..there wsd nothing wrong with my old one....and now I cant get my phone to shut up with the notifications... I'm tried and tried..and still to this day.. It'll chirp...when the wind blows....for no reason...the other reason.. Is I bought muzic with my other phone and I can't pull up the music..on my Verizon'm so tired of having to mute myphone all day!!

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Re: new to verizon and very frustrated

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turn off the notifications in each of the apps that keeps sending you notifications. should be in the apps' settings. where did you buy the music from? got to that service and login with your account and the music will be there, available to download.

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