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kitkat broke my photo gallery


Post-kitkat install on my Razr M, deleted images are "masking" more recent ones.  Images I know I deleted are showing up in the gallery.  When I click on them, they "disolve" while opening to reveal the new image beneath.  It would be a neat parlor trick, but it makes finding images rather difficult as I have to guess which old image the one I want his hiding behind.

The problem persists even when the phone is in SafeMode.

There is no SD card.

I have never saved images to the cloud service but only stored images on the phone itself.

Any new suggstions or do I just need to take the phone to a Verizon store and hope someone there has a clue?

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Re: kitkat broke my photo gallery

Community Manager
Community Manager


Sorry that problem is occurring in Safe Mode. That is an indication that no 3rd party app is causing the trouble. Looks like we need to backup and hard reset. Make sure you sync with the Verizon Cloud. Go to the website and see if the images are ok. If not that is likely a problem with the image itself. If the images are fine at the website then let's hard reset the device and sync the photos back to the phone with the cloud. Here are the instructions for resetting the device: From a home screen, tap Apps. From the APPS tab, tap Configuraciones. From the PERSONAL section, tap Opción Backup & reset. From the PERSONAL DATA section, tap Restablecimiento de datos de fábrica. Tap Restablecer teléfono. Tap Erase everything.

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