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cryptic voicemail text


I recently purchased an unlocked Galaxy S7 from Best Buy. I installed my old sim card and activated the phone through Verizon and all is working great BUT... Every time I get a voicemail, instead of a notification of voicemail I get a cryptic text like : 900080002021: // VZWVVMBB5001:VVM999110057 VZWL69.78.64.212/4:My number here:A:TacomaAP:ms01:IMAP4:4262700 : The phone does not come with a voice mail app. I downloaded all the Verizon voicemail apps and none will work. I believe the phone doesn't know how to handle a voicemail. I am subscribed to Basic Visual Voicemail.  Is this a sim card issue?, Phone issue?, Verizon issue? Activation issue? I know I can forward my voicemails to another service like Google Voice, I just would rather not. Any solutions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: cryptic voicemail text


The text message is being sent because you are subscribed to a visual voicemail and the unlocked phone isn't compatible with the Verizon Visual Voicemail app. To stop the notifications, you need to remove the Visual Voicemail feature from the line and the go back to the Basic Non-visual voicemail feature. The only other option is to use Google Voice or another third party voicemail if you want more features with your voicemail.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

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Re: cryptic voicemail text


I just had the same issue, I went into the My Verizon app on my phone and removed basic email from the account (not very intuitive, but that's what I did). After waiting 15 minutes, I left myself a voicemail and the normal voicemail notification came through. No more cryptic text messages!

I had a Windows Phone prior to this Unlocked Samsung S7 Edge and the voicemail setup/config was the hardest part of the transition. At first people were getting a "this person has not set up their voicemail", then the cryptic text messages. Now I've got that all worked out.

As far as I know, everything else is working as it should.

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