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compatibility on my new Conquest phone



I've just purchased the new Conquest S8 rugged phone.

I'd like to know if it's going to work on Verizon , and if so is it going to work good or spotty?

Here are the bands on the phone:
2G: GSM B8/B3/B2/B5
3G: TD-SCDMA B34/B39


4G: FDD-LTE B1/B3/B4/B7/B13/B20


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Re: compatibility on my new Conquest phone

Sr. Member

Doubtful. but you can check here. Not sure why the phone would lack band 2 since at&t, t-mobile and Verizon use it. Doubtful it has VOLTE which mean you'll have issues since it has CDMA B0 it lacks CDMA B1. many Verizon areas that lack B0 needs B1 for you to be able to make calls unless the phone has wi-fi calling which I doubt this has. You also going to have issue on other carriers as it also lacks LTE bands 12 and 17 and lacking  PCS 1900 for GSM. You really need to buy devices designed  to work on American carriers.

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Re: compatibility on my new Conquest phone


you should've checked before you bought it!!

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Re: compatibility on my new Conquest phone

Community Manager
Community Manager

jboris88, congratulations on your new phone! We always want you to enjoy your device. Because this phone isn't made for use with the Verizon network we can't guarantee it will be compatible. We can certainly attempt to activate it if you have it and it may work but even if it does the experience may be different from using a phone made for our network. Do you have the phone available? 


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