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X vs. Incredible vs. 2 vs. Fascinate


So VZW has launched not 1 but 4 amazing phones within a short time span. On paper all of the phones are almost identical with one having a slight edge over the others in a specific category. How does one pick which phone to buy. The way I see for the average buy is:


Droid Incredible - Ascetics, Sense UI


Droid X - Screen, slightly higher specs than the other phones except the Fascinate. HD Video.


Droid 2 - If you really like the original Droid. Physical keyboard


Fascinate - Almost as pretty as the Incredible with X specs. "Best display" UI is very user friendly. HD Video.


Simple Cons


Incredible - Not much to say really. Touch function keys, not as pretty on paper as the X or Fascinate.


Droid X - Stock UI, Large device, No as pretty as the other phones. Constantly on backorder.


Droid 2 - Lowest spec of the bunch. Physical keyboard.


Fascinate - UI might turn of some of the Android crowd. Plan looking body. Doesn't stand out like a Droid X or Iphone 4 for its specs.



I'm tired, but how does one choose between the phones.



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Re: X vs. Incredible vs. 2 vs. Fascinate

My ui on my d1 has greatly improved since I first touched my screen last November, and I will say right now that in the two ?years android has been out its own ui has caught apple, my whole family has the iPhone. I have played with a d2 and its ui is softer than my stock d1. I have not touched an x so I can not say. My cousin has an incredible and its cool her ui is a little softer than mine still.
Other than the specs on the fascinate I'd wait and let it get tested first.