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Why is my clock going forward 1 hour?


I noticed the other day that the clock on my S5 is one hour ahead.

I'm in the Central Time Zone (IL) and it's 3:25 pm as I type this, but my phone says it's 4:25pm.

I saw another thread by folks in California with the same problem, but it's not just a Cali thing so I thought I would ask the question since I am elsewhere.

Anyone else having a clock issue? Is it a DST issue?

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Re: Why is my clock going forward 1 hour?

Asistencia al cliente

Having the right time on your phone is important to following schedules, working, and personal activities. I'm sorry your phone suddenly started to show an hour a head chrispopp8. Have you tried setting the time zone and powering off an on? Any new apps on your phone recently?

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