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Voicemail notification doesn't disappear after deleting or saving voicemail?


Unfortunately, the support line cannot help and I tried the following fix:

  1. Dial *86, select option 4 and change VM indicator to No.
  2. Power down.
  3. Remove SIM Card for 30+ seconds.
  4. Power up and leave VM message.
  5. Dial *86 and delete VM.
  6. Dial *86 and reset VM Indicator to Yes.

The support line indicates that the only fix they are aware of is for all VM to be deleted as a result of resetting my VM account.    I have 37 saved VM.

Any other ideas?  I'm using the Samsung Galaxy S4 and I've had this problem on 3 different handsets (2 were replacements) over the past 4 months. 

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