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Verizon Signal Degrading

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed a degradation in signal since 4G was rolled out? When 3G was the mainstream my signal was 3 bars.  Since 4G has rolled out my signal has gone from 3 bars to one if that.  I could walk anywhere  (except the basement) and get signal.  Now I have to be out side to keep a call or standing on a chair by a window to get signal. 

I have called before to complain, but nothing was found. Then recently I could make no calls, and it cut out and dropped every call I made. And I would get notice of voicemail messages and calls well after the person had called. Phone never rang at all.  Called a tech about it and a trouble ticket has been made and waiting for the results.

Some days it's worse some days it is better.  Reps have told me it's the foliage around the house, or my house that's the issue. Problem is that there are times when I get 3 bars. I have taken screen shots to prove that I can get 3 bars in my home. But it only lasts for no more than a minute, and random spots around the house. If it was the house signal would be constant not up and down.  If it was the foliage then right now I should see a HUGE improvement in signal as they are taking down trees in a 3 mile radius around my home.  But it's gotten worse.  My recent worse signal in db's was -119! I get better signal in the Pennsylvania mountains.  Something is wrong there. I live about 4 or 5 miles from town.  While it's considered a rural area, when I moved here in 08 I got 3 bars.  Now I'm lucky if I get one.  But when I go to the mountains in PA, I can get one bar and 3G internet speeds with rarely a dropped call.

Here is my theory about the problem. Since 4G has rolled out they have increased their traffic on their towers there is more traffic period giving users a lower signal. Maybe if the traffic is too much on the closest one to you, it routes you to another tower which is further away.  Could be further away, and less signal.   I know that Verizon's customer base for cell phones has grown since the launch of 4G.  They need to either add more towers or upgrade the ones they have to better accommodate the increase in cell usage. 

The tech I talked to said it definitely sounded like a signal issue, and agreed with me.  So hopefully maybe they can find the problem, all though I doubt it.  They'll probably try to sell me the range extender again. I feel that I pay for a service I should receive it. I shouldn't have to pay more money and equipment to be able to use it. Unfortunately Verizon is the best in this area. If I went to another provider I'd have even worse signal.

Other family that have Verizon have noticed it as well and they live in different states as well. Just wondering if anyone else out there has noticed a decrease in their signal quality as well within the last couple of years?


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Re: Verizon Signal Degrading

All I can say is I drove from New Orleans to Atlanta and back this weekend, and my girlfriend had 3-4 bars on AT&T 4G the whole way, and I had 0-1 bars on Verizon 3G 90% of the time. Even around New Orleans, signal is shockingly bad uptown, which makes absolutely no sense if you're familiar with the city.

The day Verizon nixes my grandfathered unlimited data is the day I switch...

Re: Verizon Signal Degrading
Sr. Member

Verizon isn't going to be able to rest on their reliability laurels much longer. Their "competition" such as it is, is catching up fast. But that might be a blessing as a rebalancing of the consumer base between 4 networks on equal network parity would ease congestion and equalize profit margins at a more reasonable percentage (say 20% or 30%) than the 50% verizon is getting quarter over quarter now.

Re: Verizon Signal Degrading
Asistencia al cliente

Oh no! We want you to love and enjoy your wireless service scarshapestar. That is our commitment to you and we want to refresh that commitment. May I ask what make and model device do you have? Also, what zip code are you having issues in? We want to make sure that this doesn't happen again, especially when on a road trip. I'm looking forward to your reply.

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Re: Verizon Signal Degrading

When I moved to my home  7 years ago, I switched to verizon because they had the best service but now....signal has decreased significantly.  I have called customer service numerous times to find out the problem and to fix it.   They claimed to put a "ticket" in to find the problem but, multiple "tickets" later with no reply to any of them I finally discovered that all those "tickets" where never really placed and this time one was, to find out that yes my service in my area is minimal and probably from the increase traffic of users.  So...What is Verizon going to do about this for me...NOTHING.  They want me to BUY this extender that requires DSL, which is not available in my area nor is any other type of internet service.  I do live in a rural area but only 3.5 miles from a major city and the Cell Tower is less than 2 miles from my house just over a hill.  I run a business and need internet service to work when I need it too.  So, I drive just 1/2 mile down my road to get good enough service.  CRAZY that I have to work out of my car.  I also get a lot of dropped calls or my phone will tell me I have a voice message but my phone never rang.  My family has to text letting the other know that they are trying to call because most of the time sign is awful.  I asked if I could get out of my contract to find a carrier that worked in my area, and of course I was told NO.  If Verizon shows that they are at fault for a problem they should allow customers out of their contracts to find a better provider for them.  I spend ALOT of money monthly and believe I have paid for the "free" or "discounted" phones.  Once my contract is up...I will be looking for a new provider.