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Unable to use Mail App on HTC Rezound


I have the HTC Rezound.  I typically use the Mail App to check all email.  Starting yesterday morning it would no longer work.  I open the Mail App and tap "refresh" and "alert Login Failed" comes up for all 3 accounts.  If I use the gmail app it works just fine. If I try to delete the account from the settings tab on the mail app "401-1:unauthorized" comes up. If I do it from the Accounts and Sync app it says I will need to do a factory reset...which I would like to avoid if possible.  I had seen in another msg to try to clear the data cashe but when I go to the Settings>Applications>Mail the only option is Force Stop and About. None of the other options are available, they are not highlighted.  Can someone please help.  I know I can have all my mail imported to gmail and read it from my gmail app.  But I prefer it all seperate since they all are seperate parts of my life (work, personal and kids)

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