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The WORSE customer service experience... "E V E R", with a supervisor


I don't understand how this person is allowed to hold the position of SUPERVISOR!!

I called cust service because I was having what I saw as a minor issue & one where I felt I must need some help figuring out the problem because nothing was working.  I was trying to move the images on my phone to my computer and nothing was working, cables cloud and direct transfer from the card using a reader.

When I called in and explained things the lady said, we can't help you do that and spoke about a service that I could get for a fee.  That offended me because it seemed as though the only thing they wanted to do was sell me something vs. resolving my issue and get me off the phone. I rejected the idea and asked for a supervisor who was & (I say w/out any drama or stretching of the fact) he provided THE WORSE customer service experience I have ever had.. EVER.

  • At one point he stated that HE needed to control the conversation
  • At the start of the conversation when I disagreed with him, his response was "is there anything else I can do for you" which is customer service code for, I'm ending this call.  I said YES and processed to dispute his claim
  • During another call with him I stated that I was able to transfer data from my sprint phone without issue using the same cables but now I could not with the verizon phone.  His response.. there must be something wrong with your computer
  • He asked about the cables used to transfer data from the phone and I attempted to explain and he cut me off & I had to almost beg to get him to just listen 3 time
  • His solution to everything was.. there is something wrong with your computers.. THREE OF THEM!
  • I got cut off more times that a steak get's sliced during a meal
  • There was NO listening, yet alone intentional listening
  • There was NO attempt to address or resolve conflict
  • There was NO empathy & forget sympathy.. NEVER HEARD THE MAN SAY.. "I'm sorry you are having a problem" or "I'm sorry.. blah blah blah"
  • There was NO sense of concern or desire/motivation to resolve or help me resolve my issue other than, spend more money on something I did not need

Ultimately I resolved the issue on my own but this dude NEVER offered any type of assistance as in, lets try this or let's try that.  All he wanted to do was tell me get me off the phone & blame 3 computers and 3 cables.

I resolved the issue by finally accessing the card and drilling down through the many folders on it to locate the actual images. THAT could have been done at the beginning of the conversation but MR. I'M IN CHARGE & YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT I SAY was not interested in assisting, only telling.

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