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So many problems and Kit Kat 4.4.2 is to blame!


Since the update to Kit Kat 4.4.2 my LG G2, along with so many other Android users, has been having problems. My biggest complaint is "Unfortunately, Messaging has stopped". The stock app won't even open unless I make Hangouts my default. I've deleted all threads, cleared cache, disabled/ tried Hangouts, and still no luck. I hate Hangouts and really want my stock app working again!

Also my battery over heats often (charging or while using) plus it drains fast, alarm randomly will not go off, screen freezes from time to time, keyboard will hang up or double my text, and I will lose 4G LTE without even moving the phone.

As for troubleshooting I have a background in tech support for phones. Here's what I have done and still no luck:

1. Restarted phone.

2. Disabled all stock apps I am not using plus cleared data/cache.

3. Uninstalled all downloaded apps from Play Store.

4. Restarted phone again.

5. Made Hangouts default SMS.

6. Data stays off unless I need it.

7. Closed all running apps from Task Manager.

8. Still no luck!

9. Dimmed brightness to 40%.

10. Turned off Location.

11. Activated Battery Saver.

14. Backed up everything.

15. Factory Restore with out using Google.

12. Restarted phone.

13. Still no luck!

16. Checked for System Updates on Verizon and LG websites.

Still no luck!

No one wants to take the blame for this HUGE problem that is reaping havoc on ALL Android users. I didn't buy a $600 phone less than a year ago just to use it as a paper weight! WE need a fix or an update ASAP!!!!!!

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Re: So many problems and Kit Kat 4.4.2 is to blame!

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The place to call is LG who updated your device with the Google Inc. Operating System.

Verizon is not the blame.

Good Luck