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Slow hotspot connection


I recently upgraded from an LG to a Droid. I don't have access to high-speed internet access at home, so I use my phone's hotspot to connect my laptop. The hotspot connection with my new phone is very slow. Text will load, but that's about it. I've tried tethering, I've tried changing to an unsecure open connection, to no avail. My old phone never had this issue. The reception I'm getting with the new phone appears to be similar to what I got with the old one. If I browse on the phone itself, there's no problem. Things load quickly. But I can open the Task Manager on my laptop and watch the data being transferred at speeds in the tens-to-hundreds of bytes per second. Is there anything I can do? I really need my hotspot.

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Re: Slow hotspot connection


Which phone do you have? Do you make sure all other background apps/functions are turned off? Have you run a speed test from your laptop? Did you delete cache in your web browser on the laptop? Does this happen all the time? Over what length of time have you been trying to use your hotspot with slow speeds?