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Sending/Receiving Pictures


Two days ago my phone (LG Lucid) got 2 multimedia (photo) texts, & for some reason they wouldn't download. I got another one from a friend last night, & that one wouldn't download either. I am not sure why, but I got this phone 1 WEEK ago & pics I got before came to my phone & downloaded just fine!!! It's weird b/c when a pic comes through now, in the text box it says "Message size: 30KB - Expires June 7" then next to it is the "Download" button.. I don't understand that, WHY does it expire & what does that even mean!?!?!? Then when I click on Download it will just sit there forever saying "downloading" & nothing ever happens. Then today I tried sending 2 different pics to my email account (which I've also done before w/ no problems) but it wouldn't send those either! Ugghh I'm getting so frustrated.

Does anyone else have/had this problem too???

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Re: Sending/Receiving Pictures


Best thing I can tell you is to make sure your data connection is on, and they will not send (picture messages) through WiFi.  AFAIK, they have an expiration date because Verizon probably does not have the server space for MMS to hold on to them forever if they are never retrieved.

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Re: Sending/Receiving Pictures

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Demmo the Op asked on another post the Same Question an i tried to Help as Much as i Could i Suggested Using a Bag For the Device an the Battery an Using Rice an she said she tried this an the Device was Still Black.. Far as i know Demmo you go can't any further than that can't ya ? b33

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Re: Sending/Receiving Pictures

Community Manager
Community Manager


I want to definitely help get your picture messaging working properly. What device did you have previously? Are you able to access the browser on the Lucid like normal? A good tip is to remove the battery SIM card while the phone is on to perform a soft reset. After 20 seconds, reinsert the battery SIM then power on and try to download those pictures again. A picture will sit on our network for 5 days awaiting download before being expiring. If you continue to have concerns with the picture messaging, please send me (AdamE_VZW) a direct message.

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