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Samsung Stratosphere from LG rev (Stratos dropping 4g)


I recently switched from the LG Rev to the samsung stratosphere... (Activated it yesterday)  I wanted a keyboard!  However, the stratosphere will not hold a 4g connection.. It is fine for about 20 mins and then its up/down/up/down and wont hold one for even a minute.. It never switches to 3g it just drops the data connection all together..If I tell my phone to only use a 3g connection I never have any drops..

I have hard reset the phone, removed the sim and made sure it was clean, and I have checked all settings.. I am very very stumped.. Verizion Tech has no ideas

This phone was a CPO phone and I have had a very bad experience so far.. the phone orignally arrived with no battery.  When I called verizion they said the batteries where out of stock which is why it didn't have one.. They credited my account and told me to buy one off Amazon! and now this.. Do you think its a bad phone?  I would not suggest anyone using the CPO program after this.. this was my first and will be my last.

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Re: Samsung Stratosphere from LG rev (Stratos dropping 4g)


I understand you would like the to have the keyboard, but the specs itself should be also of some kind of importance as well.


I have been going through the forum for the Stratosphere and it seem's that connectivity is a "major" issue for this device alone, one after another.





I am assuming that it might be a radio issue or so?